Safety – A Major Issue While Using Swingsets

For your child’s growth give him/her enough scope to go out and play. At Champ Craft we get to meet so many young moms who are worried that they cannot send their children to play because they go out for work and come back late.

Yes, this is a major issue nowadays and most kids stay indoors being busy with various toys and technical gadgets or they keep watching television. Do you think this way they can attain mental growth? Even the physical growth is hampered without any activities all day. Children love to go out and play; they enjoy the freedom and attain all round growth and development. Why not have personal play zones right in the backyard of your house? Outdoor playsets are very convenient and you get different types in the market. Installing a playset in the backyard means children do not need to travel to the park without adult supervision.

Champ Craft manufactures playsets and swingsets out of treated and best quality pine wood, the wood has no sharp edges and no toxic paints are used. We are a family-based business and manufacturing and retailing playground structures or more than 25 years. We have our own values, our ethics, and stress on quality because we are selling items to parents, they must see their kid’s happy and safe end of day. Wooden sets are our passion and we are experts in offering Amish crafted playsets. While parents buy items we offer a user manual and also ask them to interpret and show children practically how to use. It’s important to prevent hazards.

Last week we got to hear that a child fell off a swing inspite of having safety features. How was that possible? Definitely the belts were not tied and the baby was too small. Note a few points to ensure safety while using outdoor swing sets:

Usage – This is a very important factor, accidents depend on how kids are using. While a kid is swinging, others must not walk into them or else there would be a collision. Running up and down the slide is not allowed and kids swinging on indoor swing sets must wear the safety belt.

Choosing the right outdoor play swing sets – All out sets are built keeping safety in mind but our experts help you to choose the right set according to your requirements which includes quite a few factors like the size of the yard, the number of children playing together and the age group. All the metal parts are safely fitted but children must not run into them. We design modern playsets that are safer than the old ones.

Maintenance – Maintenance is also a major factor in ensuring safety, check the parts for any wear and tear. Champ Craft also sells swingset parts and accessories online.


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