Let Your Kids Explore the Art of Paying Outdoors

Watching kids play is a very satisfying scene to watch. Last day one of our old clients brought her friend to the Champ Craft store who wishes to make a play area for her kids. Hannah, the client’s friend is a working lady and she sees her children sitting with long faces after she comes back from work. Our client suggested converting the backyard into a playground where the kids could play all by themselves without and supervision and would also remain safe. They both came to the Champ Craft store and we suggested some cool stuff for the kids.

We have a collection of swing sets for kids of all ages; our stocks include the Little Gem Playset, Boredom Buster Swing set and Childhood Treasures. We offered Hannah the Little Gem Playset within her budget and are ideal for lesser number of kids playing. The set contains the slide, swing and climb and you can enjoy for hours. If you have a bigger family or if 5-7 kids play together, we have the Childhood Treasures with double floor space. If the entire neighbourhood gathers in your backyard, buy the Boredom Buster with a 5 inch floor level, 10 inch slide, 3 slings and a huge rock climb.

Imagine what would your kids do when you go out to work? Its best and so we suggest the same to you that home is the best place for the kids to grow up safety. Playing with friends means immense physical and mental development; they learn the art of sharing and communication. We have our own experts who take the measurement of your yard and suggest kids outdoor playsets.

Champ Craft is a family-owned business and we are best known for our credibility and quality. We use pine wood of the best quality, all our timber is free from pest and weather resistant. Our sets are safe because there are no rough edges due to resurfaced wood and no harmful chemicals are used. We are a renowned name and a pioneer in Amish swing sets. We have experts who can craft the best of Amish designs adding value and beauty to your backyard. Order our sets because these posses a study structure and lot of strength, wood gives a very natural look blending rightly with the yard. All our playsets and swing sets are modern and have a 2 years warranty. We have various options and you have a lot of flexibility to choose according to your needs and requirements.

We have an online swing set store, therefore it’s easy for parents to sit at home or in office, view playsets for kids, do the selections and place the order


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