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People of U.S have a fetish for Amish craftsmanship so they try purchasing the best of those for the yard and outdoors. This enhances the look and feel of the property. Now most parents are also choosing Amish swing sets for their kids to be installed in the backyard. Technology has gone a long way; there are different toys and gadgets available in the market that runs via remote or batteries. Children love to play with those but parents must understand the importance of playing outdoors.

At Champ Craft we recommend children to go out and play with friends and parents must also motivate them to do so. This boosts mental and physical growth. Unless you give them a proper play area, they will not learn to communicate. These days parents are busy working all day so they best thing is to give them play time so that you can be relieved thinking that they have a playground to enjoy. We design all items keeping in mind the quality and safety factors.

There are various types of play sets, available in different designs and built of diverse materials like metal, wood and plastic. Wooden swing sets are classic to look at, have a rustic appeal and the designs are appealing. The right type of wood plays a very important role in determining the durability factor. Champ Craft manufactures playground items using especially treated pine wood but many use cedar and redwood as well. All these hardwood have natural oils which prevents from cracks. The material must be very sturdy to ensure jumping, swinging, climbing and other activities. Wood requires very low maintenance and is skid-proof. If you love your environment and wish to protect it, wood is the best, an eco-sustainable choice.

At Champ Craft we boast of our experience, being a family owned business we understand how much valuable your kids are and how they should grow up. We ensure that your backyard becomes the best place and they get ample scope to play around and try different playground items. All our play sets are very affordable and the shipping is free. We ensure that all our items would go without maintenance for years. We also have swing sets for babies, infants and toddlers because we understand that they also feel happy swinging away to glory. Buying a play set is not a recurring expenditure so invest in quality structures.  

Visit our website, shop online from the most reputed online portal in Ohio and bring smile in the face of your kids.


Allow Kids to Play Outdoors – Its Builds and Shapes Them

Do you have a backyard in the house? This is the safest place inside your property where children can play with group friends while you are at work. Most working mothers regret not being able to take their wards to the park. Champ Craft supports playground and everything positive about playing. We believe that every child must have a colorful and enjoyable childhood. A proper play area enhances your property value. Use you backyard and turn it into a play area by installing kids swing sets.

Call our experts and do an adequate planning if you are planning this season. The size of the yard determines how many stuffs you can install so that the kids can play safely and have free space to run about. We have sets for children of all age group so we are here to decide what all you need. Champ Craft is located in the heart of Ohio and is one of the most reputed suppliers of playground items. We are masters in flaunting Amish craftsmanship and all our items are manufactured of treated pine wood.  A big sized yard can accommodate many items but if the space is small, get a couple of them only. We have a collection of outdoor swing sets, play sets, swings, toys, accessories and outdoor furniture. Our best four collection of swing sets are the Little Gem Play Set, Childhood Treasures, See Saw and Boredom Buster. We do not compromise quality; all our items have structural strength, easily customizable, durable and can be installed easily. Here we help families connect and create happy memories.

Come to Champ Craft, this is a paradise for parents who wish to gift children a wonderful childhood. Once your yard is decked up with these items, little ones from your neighborhood will gather at your place.

Wood is preferred by most clients because its safe, durable, does not need much maintenance and blends well with nature. The pine woods we use are all weather treated and free from any sharp edges. All our products are checked for quality before final delivery.

Never buy used/second hand play sets because there are certain safety factors that you must abide by. Moreover, old items do not make your kids happy. It’s better to order fresh items from our store because our pricing is reasonable. We have different offers and discounts for our clients round the year. Visit our catalog website for all details. Customers can also reach us via phone or email us and we will get in touch with you.  

Outdoor Play Sets and Swing Sets for Kids in Ohio

Playing in the park is the best way kids can enjoy themselves no matter how much they love technical gadgets. Playing outdoors is very good for their physical and mental growth, helps them to learn the art of sharing and communication. Even if you are a working parent, your kids deserve to go out and play. If you feel insecure or there is lack of time, build up a play zone for your kid right in the backyard of the house.

At Champ Craft we understand how much happy your children feel while they play with their friends. We have various types of interesting playground equipment including backyard play sets, swing sets, toys, outdoor furniture and accessories. We are a family owned business in Ohio therefore we value the family bonding. Your child will get a single childhood and in no time they would grow up. There should not be any compromise and they must make happy memories that they can cherish forever. We are a very reputed playground items manufacturer located in the heart of Ohio City. We have certain business values; therefore believe parents much witness children growing up freely and happily. In the recent times parents hardly care about playing and kids are more prone to technical gadgets which do more harm than good. We aim to give a playground and play time to every child in Ohio.

We take pride in our 25 years of rich experience in manufacturing and supplying playground stuffs. We love to have clients who have a fetish for Amish craftsmanship. Wood is our priority, our business therefore there is no compromising with the quality of it. We use pine wood that is expertly treated so you do not have to perform any heavy maintenance for all our outdoor swing sets. The woods we use are resistant to all weather conditions and have no pests.

We have swing sets not only for the kids but also for the infants and toddlers. Visit our store; decide the age group and place an order or you can also shop online. Champ Craft is unique in creation; we have exclusive collection of all types of playground items. Our rates are very economical and all our products come with 2 years warranty. Online shopping is now very convenient for parents, we have an online store and all our products are displayed along with proper images, prices and specifications. The installation is very simple and we do not charge fore shipping. We have also taken an initiative of manufacturing swing sets out of renewable resources; this is to reduce the level of pollution and to make the place greener. If you have the same in your mind, order from those products that are made of renewable resources.

are different than most other stores in the city; we are unique because our wooden swing sets are bear structural strength and fine quality. Our sets are flexible, it’s easy to add or remove accessories. The installation is easy, items are all long lasting and superior timber is used.  We are interested in making this place greener, if you agree then order our swing sets made of renewable resources.