Backyard Play Sets – A Precious Gift for your Children

A play area is important in the lives of kids, it helps them develop, grow both mentally and physically. If there is no playground near to the house, set it up inside the house itself. The backyard is a good place to be a play zone, buy stuffs from Champ Craft store and our team installs it for you. We specialize in wooden backyard play sets and believe that every child deserves a memorable childhood. We have an online catalog website, it’s easy to select and order, the transaction is not done online, it’s safe and very reliable. The pricing varies according to the sizes.


Champ Craft is Ohio’s best, the most reputed manufacturer of swing sets and play sets. We have our own unit in the United States and all the sets are built out of finely treated pine wood. All our products bear immense structural strength and are built using Amish craftsmanship. We have our products according to age group and number of children. For example, The Little Gem is a very tiny set manufactured for the very young ones. This wooden set is for children to climb, swing and slide. We have products named Childhood Treasures, Boredom Buster etc. The company sells accessories, toys and garden kids furniture. We are offering all our products at a special price and the shipping is free. Most people in the U.S have a fetish for Amish artistry; it bears fineness and excellence.

Did you hear of resurfaced wood? This type is used for getting smoothened edges which is very safe for the small ones. Many love wooden sets because playground is a natural setting and wood matches well, have a rustic look and you can expose to any weather conditions once treated.

At Champ Craft we have experts who can suggest, plan and recommend the best if you wish to add life to your kid’s play area. We flaunt perfect Amish craftsmanship in Ohio within your budget. While shopping for outdoor swing sets, never ignore credibility, quality and durability. The timbers we use are treated, of good quality, free from pest attack and weather resistant. Browse from our huge collection and avail discounts. While shopping for playground items, look for warranty which must be a minimum of 2 years. Before you visit the store, make sure you know the size of the yard; it will help you to decide what all sets you must buy.